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“We Got The Summer” (Single) by Wild Fire

The aptly-named duo, Wild Fire, have already etched out their summer plans. Their new song “We Got The Summer” pretty much sums up their anticipated schedule with hitting all the cool spots, take in a concert or two, oh, and spending as much time with a new crush as possible in all of the aforementioned. “We Got The Summer” has all the first love feels roped into a country-pop sounding track. Houston sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig are Wild Fire.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wildfiresings/

“We Got The Summer” has much focus on the vocals. While they lyrics are pop gems, listeners will easily drift away in the flood of harmonies. Being sisters and all, Wild Fire have a genetic advantage of combining their voices on such lines as “I’m thinking we got this summer…I’m thinking every night this summer, let’s be with each other”. The song spikes with the duo combine their voices. Sometimes this song feels like a pop song trying to be a country song and vice versa. As a listener, I liked this dynamic and back-and-forth mentality. The rich tones in the guitar almost have a drawl as wide as Texas. The drum work is solid and felt like it could very well be played at the club, and even better, outside at a party. It’s not a thump-thump, but the percussion keeps the time just fine. The bass line is oh-so-subtle.

This song begs folks to be together, an irony in the year 2020. While the words focus on a budding crush, it’s easy to put yourself in the singer’s shoes and you yearn to be a part of that exciting start of something. Think back to that time, maybe the summer between your freshman and sophomore years of high school – what plans were you already starting to make—the ink from your yearbook messages “see you next year” barely dry.

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Oh, to be young again. This song makes you feel happy to be alive. True, it’s part of their story, that Wild Fire are young. No getting around that. Their voices have many textures and expand way beyond what you think they can accomplish. Leave your biases at the door, please. Time waits for no one – the timing is perfect for a pair of younger, female singers to take the stage and bring some sunlight to the masses. It’s exciting to be in the moment with them, and be a witness to their gradual climb. Their songwriting skills are quite impressive. They have mastered the art of writing a hook. Morning, noon and night, I had that chorus stuck in my head.

While the world waits for live music to return, Wild Fire’s tour schedule will be updated. When concerts do return, listeners that enjoy Taylor Swift (especially Taylor Swift), Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan should check out Wild Fire live. I think pop fans will really like this song, too. At the very least, Wild Fire has punched their ticket into many folks’ crafted playlists. High marks for “We Got The Summer”.

John McCall

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