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Where’s the Revolution? Rippin Kittin’s choice of Depeche Mode’s best videos

This August Depeche Mode kicked off their US  tour in support of their latest studio album, Spirit, released March 2017. And, in celebration of their tour, I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorite Depeche Mode Music Videos.

Formed in 1980, Depeche Mode a British electronic band has been producing hit after hit for the last 37 years. With 14 albums, 15 video albums, 70 music videos and 53 released singles, they have quite a career! And all this is not including live albums, compilations, box sets etc. You’ll see the name Anton Corbijn pop up a lot on this list, but that is a good thing, I assure you.

Depeche Mode performs in Miami Sept 15th at American Airlines Arena. Check out their tour dates to find a show near you at Depechemode.com

  1. “Just Can’t Get Enough” released 1981. This is the first music video ever by Depeche Mode, and the 2nd single released off their debut album Speak and Spell. The video was remastered in 2006.


  1. “A Question of Time” released 1986. The band’s 17th  single in the UK,  from the album Black Celebration. This was the first music video of theirs directed by Anton Corbijn. This video was the great start to a beautiful relationship between Depeche Mode and director, that’s still strong to this day.


  1. “See You” released 1982. I couldn’t help but include the 2nd video released by the band because they are just so adorable and innocent looking. This video is the first of 3 directed by Julian Temple, who also directed the movie Earth Girls Are Easy.


  1. “Somebody” released in 1984. From the album, Some Great Reward. “Somebody” is the first single with Martin Gore on lead vocals. One of only 3.  Video directed by Clive Richardson.


  1. “But Not Tonight” released 1986. This single was featured in the movie soundtrack Modern Girls starring Cynthia Gibb. From the album Black Celebration.


  1. “Where’s the Revolution” released 2017. This is the first single release off their latest album Spirit. Video directed by Anton Corbijn. This single was released on the 20th anniversary of Barrel of a Gun.


  1. “Enjoy the Silence” released 1993. This is Depeche Mode’s biggest charted song in the US, from the album Violator.  Another one directed by Anton, it was his idea for Dave Gahan to wear a king’s crown carrying a lawn chair, filmed in remote places such as 5 miles up the Alps in the snow, remote beaches in Portugal, and Scotland.


  1. “Broken” released 2013. This is a studio performance video filmed over the course of several months during the recording of Delta Machine in New York City, New Orleans and Santa Barbara, Ca. The band recorded a short documentary video, hosted by Rolling Stones Magazine.


  1. “Walking In My Shoes” released 1993. Off the album Songs of Faith and Devotion, the music video was directed by Anton Corbijn and is inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. At the beginning of the second verse, there’s a shot of Gore, Fletcher and Wilder with naked women on their laps. This was removed in the MTV version in the US and replaced with footage of 3 members standing still together.


  1. “Behind The Wheel” released 1987.  Undeniably one of the most recognizable tunes of electronic music, the video emphasizes the themes of lust and and adventure of the lyrics of the track. The video, as simple as it may be at first glance, will always be a classic of the band and the genre. This video posses everything Depeche Mode stands for, filmed in black and white and directed by Anton Corbijn.


Text by Kimberly Andrews (DJ Rippin Kittin) 

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