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Drab Majesty

World Goth Day: 15 bands keeping the dark music alive

What’s the meaning of Goth? Is it the love of the occult? Feeling fascinated by death? Wearing black all 4 seasons and listening to The Cure? Today, World Goth Day 2018, is the perfect day to think about that and to push the concept away of its comfort zone, because at the end of the day the essence of Goth is challenging the norms and what it is stablished as ordinary.

For that reason on this day, the TML staff  decided not to tell the story that is told to us every year, about the classic Goth bands, the iconic Goth club The Batcave, and vampires. We believe that in order to keep a cultural practice and beliefs alive, it’s important to empower and highlight the new faces representing Goth music and the dark sounds, because at the end of the day they are the ones that are going to help the movement survive.

Today we made a list of videos of our favorite New Goth bands and some bands that are not strictly Goth but make our spine chill.

To make it easier for you, we also put together these tracks on a Spotify playlist. You can stream it by clicking here.

Ritual Howls – “A Taste of You”

Lebanon Hanover – “Alien”

Boy Harsher – “Pain”

Vowws – “Esseff”

Actors – “Face Meets Glass”

Astari Nite – “Sunday Queen”

Drab Majesty – “The Foyer”

Soft Kill – “Lost”

Sextile – “Current Affair (Ft. Sienna)”

Bestial Mouths – “Heartless”

Hante. – “Living in a French Movie”

Night Nail – “Little Armenia”

Choir Boy – “Sunday Night”

All Your Sisters – “Open Wide”

Ash Code – “Perspektive (Ft. Luca Gillian)”


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