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ZØYA says “Let Me Go”, but we hold on tighter.

L.A.-based indie artist ZØYA breaks her 2021 silence with a brand new release that might very well be her strongest and most exciting yet. The one-woman-army has been surfing the waves of Electro-pop R&B and EDM to make music that is both richly dynamic and allows us to explore her lyrical themes through the infectious beats and luxurious futuristic harmonies she knits together.

After a string of releases all through 2020, this year had been kind of dry until now, yet fans of ZØYA can be happy to know that the wait is over and definitely worth it. “Let Me Go” is an emotive proposal that feeds its lyrics from ZØYA’s wellspring of struggles, and evolves her sound deeper into synthpop and synth-wave than ever before, and even though she definitely wanted to play into 80s synth nostalgia, I think her work here is neither truly retro nor derivative, but something new altogether that transcends that nostalgic aspect.

Some songs are more personal than others, and for ZØYA this song was so close to home that it’s remained unreleased until she felt that she had also “Let Go” enough to really put it out there. This will not come as a surprise to fans, since the vast majority of her songs tend to draw inspiration directly from the dramas and struggles of her own life, allowing that very human connection port to always be present for the audience to plug into.

“Letting go is not that simple…” reveals ZØYA. “Sometimes feelings come back (from one or both parties) and you feel like that person didn’t fully let you go and you can feel that vibe that it’s not over yet” she continues, further developing the notion that letting go is a process rather than an action, and even when the plunge is taken by either or both parties, a lingering attachment can creep up, holding back what should be a time of healing and progress.

Talking more specifically about the music video, ZØYA reveals that she was “inspired by the iconic “Rocky” movie, more specifically by the scene where Rocky runs on steps…” she says, and further: “It is quite symbolic and I could resonate with Rocky in a way but more in a post-heartbreak world.”

For newcomers to the sound of ZØYA, I don’t think you could ask for a better introduction. The Belorussian-born and Ohio-Raised singer and songwriter has managed to be simultaneously familiar and innovative with this new single, capable of pleasing just about any kind of audience with the enchanting Synth “riffs” that lead the charge early on. Be you a seasoned listener or someone who is luckily stumbling upon her talent, “Let Me Go” is a brilliant guage of the qualities and sensibilities that ZØYA has been and will most surely continue to bring and develop through her growing career.





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