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Benjamin Cartel

Benjamin Cartel – “Coast Town”

Melancholic guitars and 60’s style folk vocals serve as an introduction to this new single by Benjamin Cartel. This song is the first offering from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album called Flickering Light. The track was inspired by the devastation that Hurricane Sandy unleashed in New York back in 2012.

“When Hurricane Sandy pummeled New York City, people I knew in Rockaway were adversely affected by the storm and coastal flooding become all the more real to me. I imagined the places I used to love sinking under the sea, inspiring this song as I lamented about the future of Rockaway, Queens,”  shares Cartel.

Co-produced by longtime colleague Mike Cohen and recorded at Trout Studios in Brooklyn (home to recordings by Evan Dando and Joan as Police Woman) and Flower Studios in Minneapolis (which birthed records by The Replacements and The Jayhawks), the new album founds Cartel intimately involved in every detail of the process. With Cartel playing guitar and drums, Cohen contributing guitar, and Kieren Mul- vaney anchoring the proceedings on bass.

In “Coast Town” we can feel a wide range of influences including The Beatles to The Lemonheads and classic surf guitars.

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