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Boy Harsher

A conversation with Boy Harsher

Boy Harsher was formed in Savannah (GA) in 2014, and is one of the fastest growing dark electronic projects in the United States at the moment. Composed of Jae and Augustus, the band's full length Yr Body is Nothing made the Too Much Love top 10...

Nina Belief

Nina Belief – An Interview With Miami’s Dark Wave Queen

By: Vanessa Haim For over a decade, Tushna, also known as the artist Nina Belief, has been creating her synth-heavy, minimalist sounds out of the Magic City: Miami. A self-taught musician, Nina Belief was born from her journey into music making. Embodying her goth, post-punk roots,...

The Exploding Boy

Catching up with The Exploding Boy

Swedish Post-Punk band The Exploding Boy is currently touring the US in anticipation to their upcoming album Alarms!,  due out on May 18th. The tour will bring them to Florida where they will play two shows this weekend, one in West Palm Beach and the second...

Tremends - Now We know

Tremends to premiere new single at The Standard

By: John Hood If the full color spectrum had a sound it might resemble that made by Miami racket-makers Tremends. How do we know this? Because singer/guitarist Juan Rozas says so below, that’s why. And because there’s something about the band’s brand new single “Now We...

kiki valdes

An interview with KIKI VALDES – The Drawing Chronicles

Kiki Valdes has been restless lately. A Miami native formerly residing in the Big Apple, the prolific artist whose corpus is like a waltz with a candle's flame through abstraction and familiarity has had a lot on his mind. Churning out rapid fire ink drawings...


The Roarful Glory That is Aceskully

Text by John Hood Picture by JD Forte There’s no cha-cha-cha or any of the other tell tale inflections that give life to the sounds dubbed Latin. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) There’s none of the subsonic throb that makes cars go Boom in the...