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Bestial Mouths Shares video for Dry as Dust along with New Vinyl

Picture by Elemental Eyes

Bestial Mouths‘ shares the video for “Dry as Dust” just in time for Halloween. The track and accompanying video lay bare a barren world in which we have come to reside. The post-apocalyptic universe dreamt up by director Vicente Cordero and frontwoman Lynette casts an eery resemblance to the very real form it has taken today. Cerezo’s naturally emotive voice over the heavy and danceable darkwave beat stirs up foreboding but exciting energy. The track implores the listener of the degrading toxicity hate can have.

“What I will say is that it was an honor to work with such an expressionistic artist and I am humbled and flattered to combine visions and create this abstract video, rarely do I get the opportunity to be solely abstract and I feel the video captures the song beautifully.” – Director Vicente Cordero

The haunting visuals will satisfy even the most intrepid horror-movie fan, the zombie inspired narrative emerging poignantly as the world transitions into a state of pandemic. “Faces fading on a hanging abyss/in empty rivers sharpened by knives” sings Cerezo, as an undead figured crawls helplessly up a mountain of parched rubble, a metaphor for the destruction humanity has done to it’s own people, and their lands. “Dry as Dust ” comes from the outfit’s freshly released album, RESURRECTEDINBLACK, which is out now on vinyl via Rune & Ruin Records.

“Once held on a pedestal, enshrined in a capsule of ideal perfection and beauty ~ all glass gets shattered ~ sharp edges leave stains (stains never leave and turn to hate)”, shares Lynette

Watch the video below


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