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Caroline Blind Shares Dark Folk Ballad “Need to Say”

“Need to Say” is Caroline Blind’s second offering of her upcoming album The Spell Between, due out in February 2020. This new dark and atmospheric composition comes a month after the release of “God Damn The Sun,” an homage to the classic Swans hit. “Need to Say,” sounds delicate and ethereal; it features Rich W. of The Wake in bass and guitar, and it was produced, mixed and mastered by Gordon Young.

The song is about the last few hours you have with someone you love, and it was written when one of Caroline‘s friends was in the process of losing one of their parents. “It reminded me of when I lost my father in 2015. The song tries to capture the moment of when you know you are (or may be) in your last moments together with someone very close to you. You try to be present, you try to be strong, and say all the things you never said, or that you want to say, or should say, but even if, and as, you find the words, you realize how futile, senseless and meaningless they are in the face of loss. Shares Blind. “Time as we know it is about to end. It’s so hard to not grieve in advance, but if you can find a way to put the grieving off, you may receive the true gift, the gift of the time you ~do~ have,” she continues.

“Need to Say” is one of the few original songs that will be included in Blind’s upcoming album. The Spell Between is a gothic love letter to some songs that inspired Caroline throughout her career, combining covers, reworked Sunshine Blind tracks, and original new material. The  record features collaborations by Rich W. of the Wake, Dave the Dramedy, David Wolfenden of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Ashe Ruppe from Delphine Coma, and Gordon Young from Joy Thieves/Pretentious Moi/Children on Stun/ The Dream Disciples.

About Caroline Blind 

Caroline Blind co-founded the underground 90’s Goth Rock band Sunshine Blind with guitarist CWHK in 1991, in Clifton NJ. Their music was influenced by the guitar based gothic rock bands of the day, and they played as a 3 piece with Caroline singing and playing rhythm guitar, CWHK on lead guitar, the enigmatic “Cousin Al” on bass, and a drum machine holding down the dance floor rhythms.

Sunshine Blind released 3 albums (“Love the Sky to Death” – Scream Records 1994, “Liquid”- Energy Records, 1997, and “I Carry You”- Invisible Records 2003) and toured extensively in the US throughout the 90’s. As locals to the NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia music scenes, they could be seen at their revolving door opening slots at the Limelight in NYC as well as other NYC standards like the Bank, the Batcave and the Pyramid, opening for Dave Vanian (of the Damned), Spear of Destiny, Eva O., Maria Ex Communikata and the Wake. Festivals and tours included Convergence 1 in Chicago, Convergence 2 in Boston, and Convergence 3 in San Francisco, The Apparition Tour in 1996 with Faith and the Muse, Ichon and Malign, and Sunshine Blinds’  tour with Switchblade Symphony in 1997, that ended with Sunshine Blind being thrown off the opening slot of the last show of the tour, a Sisters of Mercy concert (in Philadelphia PA) by Sisters frontman Andrew Eldritch, for “Being Too Goth”.

In 1994, core members Caroline and CWHK moved to San Francisco, and added drummer Geoff Bruce to the lineup. After 1997, Sunshine Blind concentrated on playing shows in Europe, performing at the Whitby Gothic Weekend in 1997 and 1998, and some smaller shows in Europe. The band effectively split in 2004 but were reunited by William Faith to play an encore set after a Faith and the Muse show in San Francisco in 2010, with original members Caroline Bind, guitarist CWHK, drummer Geoff Bruce and William Faith on bass. The lineup was resurrected again to play Convergence XX in Chicago in 2014 and Convergence XXIV in Detroit in 2018.

Between these festivals, Caroline decided she was being held back in making more music because she relied too much on other people to do writing and recording. She enrolled in Audio Engineering classes, and soon was able to do her own recordings at home.

Caroline plays live shows in a couple configurations at the moment: Solo, or with Dave the Dramedy for acoustic/electric sets, as an electric group with Dave the Dramedy on bass and George Earth (Switchblade Symphony) on guitar, or with the Sunshine Blind reunion lineup; with CWHK on Guitar, Geoff Bruce on drums and William Faith on bass. She recently did some Northwest US tour dates (Nov 2018) with old friends Ego Likeness, a Victorian Ball in Portland OR, and opened a couple shows for AUTUMN and the Bellwhether Syndicate, ( August 15th and 16th, 2019) and is booking more dates for 2020.

Her album The Spell Between will be out on February 2020 on Motherofskye Creations.

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