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What does it take to become a legend? Are the sacrifices worth being immortalized in history? The new battle cry from Holy Wars is as addicting as greatness itself: ‘Legend’ is a cinematic anthem suggesting our obsession with success stems directly from our ego. Whether that desperation runs within all human beings is surely up for discussion, but the heavy impact of this single is certainly clear:


Weighted drums patrol the track as a catchy pre-chorus invites us to sing along. The hook erupts as a symphony of voices support lead singer Kat Leon: “I’ll be a legend, and live like a king.” The production behind ‘Legend’ is massive, paralleling the dark, visually stimulating lyrics and falls in line with the rock-pop of Holy Wars’ earlier releases. Charged with intoxicating distortion, ‘Legend’ possesses a hungry fervor ready to be expelled. 

As we chase after success, we conversely tend to be followed by the loss of intention, friends or even dignity. Allowing ourselves to be consumed by desire and admiration, we gain spotlights in our eyes, so to speak, and the forefront of our perspectives can become skewed. “It’s a subject that even though we may not want to admit it, we all relate to. I wrote this song specifically about the music industry. It serves as a POV of every artist reaching for success and all that comes with it.” The song was originally written for a FOX movie trailer, appropriately so, and received such praise that the group decided to release it under their own name. To help reimagine the track, they brought in friend and producer Hunter Burgan (AFI). 

Join the release on July 2nd at Madame Siam and keep up with the Holy Wars by following them on Instagram.

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