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“In the Madness” by The Caught

“I’m “Caught, the newest release by Western Canadian band, The Caught, is something special. The band has crafted something that operates as a little more abstract, but by doing so transforms it into a universal sounding experience. By that I mean, it’s lyrics aren’t exactly anything to write home about. It’s your standard “I’m feeling down and empty in a down and empty world” ditty, but its execution is so masterful, in part due to singer/songwriter Melvin Alan’s fantastic moody voice and his guitarist Trev’s ambient evocations. Something else that helps it stand out is that because the lyrics aim for something a little more vague, painting the source of Alan’s suffering with a less than clear brush (we never learn if it’s a person or something more socially inclined) that in turn allows the audience to project their own demons onto the sonic canvas.

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It’s something of a miracle to watch a group take what could be considered a weakness and turn it into one of the song’s greatest strengths, and by no means does this vagueness come across as empty self-serious platitudes. Alan himself suffered from some life threatening medical complications and Trev experienced financial strains even going into bankruptcy. With that knowledge, it’s not hard to understand where so much of the angst and pain present in the song comes from, and for many it’ll provide a welcome catharsis for those who are similarly feeling dejected by a world that seems to grow darker and darker every day.

One can’t help but maybe gather that Alan is singing about death as an entity itself proclaiming that he’s caught under its desirable spell, he cannot be saved, and he’s ready to lay back and let it “do what it’s going to do.” It’s definitely dark material and the band has always aimed to tell more angsty, raw, intimate stories that’ll certainly be a welcome reprieve from those looking to connect with music far beyond it acting as a source of escapism. Sonically this thing is just great, with the clanging disorienting opening that sounds like it’s using some kind of glass bottles, while an effective simple percussion backs a melodic electric guitar, but to me the real standout is the outstanding string composition that leads into the tracks climax and lingers pleasantly past it. I’d recommend this track based on its instrumentals alone.

I think this is a track, and most likely a band, for people looking for something new in the current landscape of music, but also a group that eschews from modern conventions in favor of something more evocative of the past. It’s truly a timeless sounding track that I think many will respond to warmly and you can tell it’s a real labor of love. Currently The Caught is back in the studio crafting their next release and based on this single, it’s something that should be eagerly anticipated. “I’m “Caught” may be an anthem about the sense of darkness in a lost world, but the band’s direction is a bright light in 2021’s music releases.

John McCall

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