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Instant Stories – Iceland by Paul Hoi

A month ago I started our “Instant Stories” section with the intention of sharing polaroids of my trips. Surprisingly a few days ago I received Paul Hoi’s work and it was amazing. A nostalgic series of instant pictures taken during a trip that the photographer did to Iceland. Churches, waterfalls, valleys, abandoned planes …. moments that seemed to be forgotten by humanity but that will remain forever frozen.

Paul Hoi is a photographer based out of Oakland, California.

Below, his statement …

“Over the course of two weeks in 2014, I explored Iceland through the legendary Ring Road, which connects, from one quiet settlement to the next, the entirety of the Nordic country. Traveling alone through the immensely diverse microclimates and driving late into the night, I woke up each morning in places that looked and felt wholly unrecognizable from the days before. It was strange to not have an immediate reference point in my surroundings; I’d sometimes wake up in the morning and look through my polaroids to confirm that I’d really seen the things from days prior. Through sixteen images made with expired polaroid film, I strive to illuminate this psychological state of dream-like suspension from solitary travel.”




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