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Interview with Bound x Internet Friends organizers

This Friday, starting at 11 PM, BOUND NYC and Internet Friends are collaborating for a major takeover at The Ground! Too Much Love got to chat with the organizers Gami Mami and Katie Rex for the low down on the event!

For all those that are not familiar with Bound what’s the main concept behind it? And what about Internet Friends?
Katie Rex: BOUND is a highly curated BDSM flavored event built to provide an indulgent and exploratory space away from the cis-male gaze.

Gami: INTERNET FRIENDS is an ULTRA FEMME and queer collective from Miami Florida.

How did you come up with the idea of joining forces for this collaboration?

Gami: A year ago I attended a BOUND event in NYC and felt very comfortable and it felt very inclusive something that doesn’t often happen in the BDSM/ fetish community for queer people of color and trans bodies. Sooooo I thought we definitely need Katie Rex and BOUND in Miami ASAP and now the event is just days away!

Are there any rules that the attendees should follow or keep in mind?

Katie Rex: CONSENT, no safe words: “No means no”.  Respect other patrons privacy and boundaries, no photos and tip your doms!

What about a dress code?

Gami: Bondage and fetish wear is highly encouraged.

Katie: We understand this could be peoples’ first time experiencing an environment like this, so the dress code isn’t mandatory. With that in mind putting an effort into making the experience copacetic for all fetishwear is highly recommended.

And what about the main taboos?

Katie Rex: Sex work is work! TIP THE DOMS!

What’s your perception of Miami’s kink scene? 

Gami: Tales of the Crypt Keepers !!! It’s 2019 about to be 2020, there needs to be a queer and femme driven fetish collective or events in Florida that cater to more people in the femme and LGTB+ community.

What kind of music can be expected to be played this Friday?  

Gami: Techno, hard techno, industrial, gabber, and hard dance.

What do you want people to experience at the party? 

Gami: NYC meets Miami Kink; a refreshing, femme driven, and unforgettable night.

Katie Rex: At the core of BOUND’s ethos is to provide an experience that’s as fun, freeform, and safe as possible. Our collaboration with Internet Friends perfectly marries our goals and shared vision!

See you there!

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