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Leitvox shares new single “Night Window”

Leitvox hits the spotlight again with the danceable bass-lines and mirrorball-like hypnotic energy of “Night Window.” This will be the first release of the Miami based producer’s upcoming album Under The Skin due out early 2020.

The trance influenced track takes over the senses, building a hypnotic atmosphere that revives a love for traditional electro. Leitvox’s sound has fully evolved with this release, the introspective pulse epitomizing the phosphorescent, hypnotic vibe of electronic music at it’s best. While the defining dreamy tone he is known to craft is still apparent, he has seemingly jumped into an unknown realm with “Night Window,” sparkling with subtitles never before heard from the producer.

“I didn’t think much when I was composing this track, it is more about feeling than actually thinking. Repetitive percussive patterns filed with melodies and textures which are full of emotions, it is kind of a non-stoping train passing through diverse landscapes.” – Leitvox

The equally transcendent video was created by UK based producers and filmmakers Jonathan Hardy and James Ward, who have previously worked with U.N.K.L.E and Nick Cave to name a few. Their reality-bending vision works perfectly in conjunction with the mind altering sensuality of the track. Watch the trippy music video below.

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