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Anastasia Max

Anastsia Max share video for “Dirty”

Fort Lauderdale based band Anastasia Max returns with a dark and dramatic video for their new single “Dirty.” This alt-pop song is the second to be released off the duo’s upcoming album. “Dirty” describes the terrible experiences we all encounter with guilt and self loathing, detailing the moments we simultaneously hate ourself and our lover.

The video, directed by Chris Hill, shows brother and sister Anastasia and Maxamillion struggling and trying to scape from prison while singing and performing the song.

If you live in South Florida you should probably be familiar with the band’s rock n’ roll and garage sound by now since they have been performing all around Miami and Fort Lauderdale for the last year. If you are not, but you enjoy Jack White, The Kills and even Nina Simone, you should definitely hit play!


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