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New Music: Tor Miller, Childhood and Jef Barbara

Tor Miller  -“Headlights”

Tor Miller is a 19 year old New York City native who spends his days attending NYU and his nights performing in legendary venues like The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall and The Slipper Room among others. Tor’s distinct voice has landed him gigs as far from home as London, where his i-Phone recorded tune “Hold The Phone” received a much coveted play as the “Next Hype” on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.


Childhood – “Solemn Skies”

Childhood is in the band’s own words a “hot boyband from London”, formed in Nottingham over a mutual love for Deerhunter. The band members are Ben Romans Hopcraft, Leo Dobsen, Daniel Salamons and Jonny Williams. Solemn Skies is a shoegazey gitar driven summer tune.


Jef Barbara – “I Know I’m Late” 

Jef Barbara makes his anticipated return from the future with his new single and remix EP entitled, “I Know I’m Late”, the debut track from his forthcoming avant-garde full length, due out worldwide through Club Roll and Tricatel, this autumn. “I Know I’m Late” is a new wave cyborg with the primary directive to groove you, Gary Numan stylee. Jef Barbara blends debonair Roxy Music-like textures and Bowie-esque, diva-discerning glam – revealing his soul generously and candidly – a consummate performer and provocateur. Jef’s new music is at times urgent and compelling, but also lush and hypnotic.

Tor Miller  -“Headlights”

Tor Miller es un chico de 19 años que vive en New York. Pasa sus días en la Universidad y sus noches tocando en lugares legendarios como The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall y The Slipper Room, entre otros. La voz distintiva de Tor le ha conseguido el privilegio de realizar shows en Londres, donde “Hold The Phone”,  su canción grabada con un Iphone, tuvo un lugar especial en el programa de Zane Lowe de la radio de la BBC.


Childhood – “Solemn Skies”

Childhood se define como “una boyband potente de de Londres”, formada en Nottingham gracias a un amor compartido por Deerhunter. La banda está integrada por:  Ben Romans Hopcraft, Leo Dobsen, Daniel Salamons y Jonny Williams. “Solemn Skies” es una canción veraniega con aires de showgaze y con guitarras al frente.


Jef Barbara – “I Know I’m Late” 

El músico de Montreal Jef Barbara, regresa con su nuevo single “I Know I’m Late”,  la canción debut de su próximo disco, que se editará través del Club Roll y Tricatel, a fines de este año. “I Know I’m Late” combina el estilo de Gary Numan con la elegancia de Roxy Music y texturas glamorosas y provocadoras de  Bowie. El nuevo trabajo de Jef Barbara se presenta exuberante e hipnótico.