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Obylx presents “Ghosts”

For such a simple name as “Ghosts”, Obylx sure manages to pack a lot into this track! Starting off with strings and piano, it slowly builds up, incorporating some serious bass, until before you know it, I’m dancing all over my office wishing I were dressed like a forest elf and swinging fire poi. Yeah, it does all that.

On the human side of Obylx not much is known, social media and online presence playing along with the incognito vibe. But we do know that the project officially started on January 1st, so keep your radar on for more stuff!

Obylx mixes upbeat house with mysterious, intriguing melodies. The result is “Ghosts”, which I think everyone will agree, is just a tad too short! Gimme more! But not to worry, because Obylx is onto the new release trend of one new single per month, so that means 2018 has seen 3 others.
It seems I haven’t been the only person to jump at this new music, since the 3 singles prior to this one, called “Dream In The Light”, “Alive” and “Lift” have been wildly successful, being picked up by advertisers, big networks and radios. Well deserved, in my opinion.

But enough rambling! Let’s hear what the hype is about!

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