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Wastelands – Wastelands

Miami psychedelic punk rockers Wastelands thrust forward with their self-titled album.

With limited time and resources, the power trio manages to pour out a solid album with significant stamina. The LP was recorded at Pinecrest Studios in 2 ½ days, just as the studio was being transplanted to Gainesville, Fl.  “The studio was literally being torn apart while finishing up guitar parts,” says Alex Nunez, guitarist and lead vocalist for the Wastelands.  “My only regret is that we didn’t have enough time to really dig into the music; we wanted to do so many things and really experiment with sounds but it just wasn’t possible due to time restrictions.”  Extended vocals were recorded at local noise and punk rock legend Rat Bastard’s studio.  

The fuel induced opening track “Refuse to Bleed” embodies an air of Motorhead’s trademark speed/thrash metal sound; Lemmy, may he rest in peace, would approve.  The album’s closing track “Loving in Vain” ends at just under 8 minutes, making it the album’s longest track.  “I had written (it) over a year ago and didn’t get to put it together till we got in the studio,” says Nunez.  “(It) definitely has the most changes and it’s just interesting to hear how it came out after having it on the shelf for so long.”  Eric Hernandez’s hard hitting drumming and quick tempo changes are evident in tracks “Strange City” and “Nocturnals”, heavily complementing Nunez’s choppy but precise guitar work and Ale Campos’ steady bass lines.

Listeners can catch a taste of a few select tracks off the album before it’s official release date at their Bandcamp.


Author: Santi Sanz

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