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anna lann

Anna Lann gets strange and surreal in “Moist”

Things get very, very strange in Anna Lann‘s new video “Moist”. It is a surrealists dream, or something that surrealist fans always dream to see: Weird but serene, strange but beautiful.

The video has everything, from bondage and stockings to mushrooms and iceberg lettuce totems. And body paint. And dancers. And volcanos. We could not ask for much more in a 3:45 minute long video. Here at too Much love we asked ourselves “What the hell did we just watch?” and then we said “Lets watch it agin!”. And so will you!

Musically speaking, the track has a deep house beat, with plenty of vocals overhead, laden with various effects. Synths that sound like brass instruments float around, as do xylophones. The music has almost as much going as the video does, if perhaps a little more easy on the ears than the video is on the eyes and the mind. “Moist” as a track is a great song to let your mind wonder to.

Check out “Moist” and lets get weird!

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