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BELLFLOWER, led by singer-songwriter Em Pompa, is an octet of soulful and ingenious musicians from Montreal, Canada. Their sound is dense, intricate and tastefully layered — “Baby” in particular is passionate and emotive, and fluctuates between Pompa’s enchanting vocals and explosive yet controlled rhythms. What we have here is a live, one-shot recording of the octet performing “Baby,” which reveals the group’s energy, dynamism, and almost intuitive synchronicity.

“Driven by the soul and ingenuity of eight musicians, it conveys a sense of soft vastness that absorbs the listener, of quiet strength born of an enduring union.”

The song is off their second and latest album, The Season Spell (March 2016), a nine-track assortment of beautifully crafted musical arrangements, with gems like “The Season Spell,” “Cyclone Waltz,” and “Hunter.” In other words, BELLFLOWER is for those who appreciate the magic of good ol’ fashioned talented instrumentalism, a rare find these days…

You can listen to The Season Spell here, or purchase their music here.

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy!

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