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Dana and The Wolf’s controversial song about Polyamory “Got Me Poly” is out!

’Got Me Poly’ is about confronting the fearful majority,” says Daniel.

This is not the first time Dana and the Wolf sing about a controversial topic. Their previous single “Him.” Talked about the departure from religion. This time they open their sexual preference to all the listeners. Dana and Daniel have been polyamorous for a while, to which Dana says: “I don’t want it to sound like I’ll fuck anyone,” she continues “I have a big heart. I don’t see the benefit in closing it off to certain people I meet in my life.” 

Against a sultry string backdrop and a pulsing beat, the couple struggles to explain polyamory to newfound lovers.  In the chorus, Dana pieces together a pro-poly argument: “All these single people always dealing with departing/ Staying open ‘cuz I’m always in season/ My girl’s got wings for a reason.” Meanwhile, Daniel takes a shot at society’s expectations: “So I got caught with a girlfriend/ Woopsies/ Everybody know that the search ends/ Only in the movies,” and challenges the system that maintains monogamy as the default.

While the track takes a stance for polyamory, in essence, it is a call for listeners to consider a sexuality that’s outside of the norm and figure out a stance of their own: “At the end of the day, being ‘poly’ is just as ridiculous and insatiable as ‘mono,’ the latter is just more boring,” he continues. No matter your stance, whether poly’s got you or not, “Got Me Poly” definitely will.

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