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Deep Antiquity

Deep antiquity brings us Everyday Brujeria

Need a little magic in your life? Look no further.

Miami clothing line Deep Antiquity get even deeper entrenched in the Miami customs with “Everyday Brujeria,” a series of short instructional videos showing how to perform various easy, fast and safe charms to improve life a little bit.

The first  video of the series centers of Money & Fortune, and it depicts the the process of the spell in all it’s simplicity. It also makes clear that an important part and ingredient to make the magic work is one’s own faith and positive outlook.

The series plays with Miami’s melting pot of cultures, which has seen mysticism, superstitions and beliefs jump from one culture to another, change languages, fetishes and traditions. The many types of magic from central America meet the practices of the Creole speaking community, the Caribbean diaspora and the classic western approach to the esoteric. The end result is something unique to the Magic City, brilliant to some and terrifying to others. Deep Antiquity’s decision to bring these videos to a easy, DIY level can be seen as the result of a new generation absorbing all these influences.

Deep Antiquity is the clothing line and brainchild of local Miami designers Lauren Palma and Nicholas Pinieiro, and it exists both as a brand and an ideology. A line of apparel and accessories whose influence is rooted in the subcultures of the past and perspectives of today. Deep Antiquity uses light and airy garments to be the canvas for darker deep-seeded designs, using them as vessel of modern fashion & an esoteric style.

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