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Dolphins Plus_Bebe Painting

Dolphin-Created Art Brings Conversation To Superfine! Miami

At Superfine! Miami this December, the accessibly-minded fair’s “art for all” mantra will reach new heights. Alongside hundreds of inspired works by human artists, fair-goers will discover abstract paintings created by the charismatic dolphins of the Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder facility in Key Largo, Florida. All proceeds from the paintings’ sales will directly benefit the non-profit organization, which rescues stranded dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals across a 10,000 square mile range in Florida and the southern Atlantic.

“The dolphins have been painting for many, many years, I would probably say over 15 or 20 years” says Dr. Kelley Winship, a trainer and researcher at the facility. “They all have a little bit of a different painting style… As trainers, you think that you’re going to be able to train every animal to do a behavior a certain way, but these guys have their own methods to painting— and we try to embrace that.” The dolphins’ paintings will be on display throughout the duration of the fair, and Dr. Winship will also be giving a talk with audience Q+A on Thursday, December 7th at 6PM in the rear garden lounge, during the fair’s Miami Love opening kickoff. A portion of proceeds from ticket sales will also be donated to the organization’s efforts.

Beyond the creative cetaceans, Superfine! Miami will bring to light work by 49 exhibitors encompassing more than 150 solo and gallery-presented artists. Highlights from December’s exhibitor list include the ongoing Project SubTerra collaboration between New York photographers Julia Comita & TwistedLamb, whose surreal occult imagery builds a narrative that is at once alien and religious in nature. On the gallery side, New York’s D’arte Mart will show sexually subversive works by rising star painter Ivan Alifan, and Pompano Beach, Florida’s Bailey Contemporary Arts will present a survey of top South Florida artists including street artist CHNK. Additional global highlights include a trio of contemporary Japanese painters who will present very diverse solo exhibitions: TOMOYAARTS, Naoaki Funayama, and Yasushi Yamauchi Kun.


For the complete Superfine! Miami exhibitor list, please visit www.superfine.world/miami-exhibitors

For more information on Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder, please visit www.dolphinsplus.com/dolphin-plus-charities/marine-mammal-responder


Watch the Superfine! Miami 2016 Recap Video:

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