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Georgi Kay Creates An Eerie, Cult World in Her New Video ‘American Psycho’

Georgi Kay has just released a dystopian music video to accompany her track, American Psycho, and the title says it all. The charming electronic-pop artist released her album, Where I Go To Disappear, last November and this is the second video to grace our presence. Even though her face is bagged in a burlap sack, it has GK written all over it.

She’s a cold killer queen coming at you like a scene from a technicolor dream in the dark…

With the help of director Tiffany Leah Chung, Georgi brought to life an eerie, cult world that takes place entirely in a white warehouse. The scene moves at a slow, chill pace yet carries the suspense of a high end horror film; seven robed individuals lurk in front of painted white trash cans with candles atop. Standing in a “V”, they all wear white masks and appear to be waiting for something. A stranger with a burlap sack tied around their head approaches a woman who is bound to a chair and begins to hit her. We begin to realize this is a disturbing macabre world where people lose themselves to the faceless group. Representing the innocent souls who can still see the “truth”, the bound woman watches in terror as a young man is dragged to his fate. By the end of the video, she realizes she will likely endure the same. 

The ominous tone is to be expected from Georgi Kay’s musical and aesthetic style, but taking on a psychological theme at this caliber is next level. Juxtaposed with a song that’s groovy and catchy as hell, this dark world stands as a symbol for a larger issue: “‘AMERICAN PSYCHO’ reveals the deadly consequences and inevitable end behind the extreme environment of the modern day societal hierarchy.” At first glance, we understand that those who lose themselves to following an individual or a group that they perceive to be a “god-like” figure will suffer the consequences. On the other hand, this music video can also be seen from the point of view of the assailants: the pyramid chain will conquer our world if we aren’t careful who’s on top. 

Listen to ‘Where I Go To Disappear’ on all the streaming platforms and follow her on Instagram for more insight into the alluring world of Georgi Kay. 

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