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Hatchling presents “Holly”

Put on your goth dancing shoes, put your hair up in a mohawk, and plug yourself in! It’s going down!

Galactic sounding synths and fast drum machine rhythms are the first thing that slam into you when you hit play (I’m sure there is some rayguns in there somewhere), and then the vocals just make you jump on the dance floor and say to yourself “What do we have to lose?”

“Holly” is a track that serves the double purpose of making your friends dance, and making your friends hate you when they can’t get the chorus out of their heads.

Hatchling is a Belgian trio that plays this kind of adrenaline junkie pop, with tons of sonic references to punk, synthpop, the glory days of Myspace and Vampirefreaks, and half remembered nights out. Does all this make sense? Maybe not in writing, but when you listen to “Holly” you’ll see the light.

Check out “Holly”!

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