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International Noise Conference – Art, Creativity and Chaos in Miami

One doesn’t tend to use the expression “Nothing will ever be the same again” in every day life, and event less in music related events. Now matter how good or amazing it the show was, people say “Wow, I wanna do that again”. With Miami’s International Noise Conference (INC) it is a different story, people expect their minds to be blown to bits with weird, creative ways of making and bending sound.

It can get kinda crazy.

It can get kinda crazy.

This year, like others, legendary Miami venue Churchill’s Pub will be hosting the event. The pub is divided into three areas, namely indoors, patio, and green room. Each area has its own curator for each day. So, considering that INC is 6 days long, that makes for quite a few lineups!

I’d like to mention here that the official shutdown show for INC will be held Sunday night at Kill Your Idol in South Beach, not at Churchill’s. The entire set of lineups would be very hard to transcribe here, since every curator organizes their shows as they see fit, so here’s the link to the main event. The start hours vary each day and each stage, but they tend to end at the same time, which is when Churchill’s Pub calls it a night.

As every year, INC is a free, non-sponsored event, from musicians, by musicians, for you. One can contribute to the event by buying merch, tipping your bartenders, and by generally be there celebrating the wildest side of what we call music.

rat bastard by walter wlodarczyk

Rat Bastard by Walter Wlodarczyk

From Too Much Love we want to give a shoutout to Rat Bastard, who has had a long and crazy relationship with noise music, and of which INC is the result of that relationship. We also would like to give special mention to certain curators, including but not limited to Betty, ALT MIA and Human Fluid Rot, all whom will be hosting on Wednesday 2/7 (this will be one truly intense day). Other curators that make the Too Much Love list are the Jellyfish Bros (Tuesday 2/6), Rick Fantasies (Saturday 2/10) and Gavin Perry (Sunday 2/11 at Kill Your Idol). Be there and be prepared for insanity!

Of course, it can, has and probably will get rather rough at some points.

INC at Churchill's

INC at Churchill’s













See ya there!


By: Joe Tenny

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