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Isserley gets real dark with “Privilege”

You know that old party saying “Let’s get weird”? Well, it seems that Isserley heard it, and came up with this mind melting sonic experience that is “Privilege”. The track is very dark, a sort of nightmarish monologue of a creature that has never seen the sun. An influence of modern electronic musics such as trap (you can hear it in the bass lines and the rapid hi hats) and a touch of hip-hop meet real dark influences. When if comes to the melody and the synths, I personally hear some Manson and NIN in the mix, but I’m sure everyone will hear something different.  Lastly, there is the political factor in the lyrics. “Privilege” is a word often touted and flung around in America’s social justice warrior’s scene, as well as by politicians, activists and other denizens of this our country (Too Much Love is in Florida, USA, for those reading this from afar).

“Privilege” is a biting satire on how people with superficial or financial advantages are treated as people with privilege, and the invisible shield that supposedly protects them from the suffering that everybody else faces. Isserley is an Australian producer from Sydney, Australia, who focuses on creating music that combines the darkest parts of Industrial, trap and pop. She describes herself as “The saddest girl in Australia,” and as of yet, none have challenged her for this title.

Don’t take our word for this, check it out yourself!

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