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Low Hum – “Strange Love”

It’s almost impossible to understand our twisted attraction to dangerous things. Of course, the immediate pleasure of an adrenaline rush is sometimes more than enough to justify it, but these dangerous things often reveal truths about nature and ourselves. Low Hum channels this attraction with “Strange Love”, inspired by the artist’s relationship with the ocean. You can hear the ocean’s ebb and flow in the pulsing guitars, and the washed out vocals evoke foamy waves hitting the shore. Lines like “somewhere down deep inside of me is an obsession i’ll admit” and “Strange Love is comin’ over me and I can’t do a thing” also provide metaphors for the ocean and consequently, the presence of the ocean’s forces within us.

Low Hum is a one-man band led by Collin Desha, and “Strange Love” was written, produced and mixed in his home studio in Los Angeles. The track “conceptually [entwines] his approach to surfing and making music,” an approach that befits the philosophy of the label it was released on: Hit City U.S.A. For more introspective surf rock, check out “Sunburns.”

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