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Using hand-collected samples, vintage synths, and smooth vocals, NoKillShelter’s sound is electronic modern pop with a spiritual allure. The Los Angeles duo’s debut single, ‘Balanced Love’ features the folky prowess of singer Mariah Priddy and provides a dreamy soundtrack for when love turns to lust in a one night stand.

‘Balanced Love’ exists within an experimental, free form soundscape while still maintaining pop sentiments. The pre-chorus sticks like an ear-worm about the fleeting nature of a one night stand, before leading us into a dancing chorus of colorful synths. Mariah’s velvety vocals adorn the atmosphere, scatting like an instrument in space. The psychedelic, virtual reality visual is only appropriate for a NoKillShelter tune:

“Tonight its only me and you…when tomorrow comes we’ll both need another muse” – Balanced Love, NoKillShelter ft. Mariah Priddy

Nokillshelter’s Nick Eckhart began on the drums around the age of five. He played in bands throughout his childhood and early adulthood, but a transformative experience sprung him into the world of production. Immersed in Taoist culture while working at a Chinese Medical Center (Yo San), Eckhart found the gift of meditation: this set him on a path to “learn the process of packaging art as whole.” He quickly recruited friend and fellow drummer Tom McGeoch to complete the project. NoKillShelter is also committed to donating 10% of their profits to the ASPCA and other at-risk animal charities.

Keep up with the grooves on NoKillShelter’s Instagram.

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