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Pop Queen Nadia Vaeh Releases Sensual Groove, ‘Heavy’

Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh brings us her fourth release this year, ‘Heavy.’ True to its name, the rich, pop jam ties up Nadia’s 2019 collection and further defines her artistry. Caught in a lover’s game, ‘Heavy’ describes a manipulative yet addictive relationship.

“I like it heavy, we’re kinda messy” – ‘Heavy,’ Nadia Vaeh

Ambient synths decorate the atmosphere throughout the song, with deep, sensual beats riding underneath Nadia’s vocals. Unique to her voice, the melodies are soulful and undeniably catchy. The song zooms in on desire, painting a picture of a late, neon night with two lovers trapped in a cycle: “They can’t help but keep playing because the game is too fun. When I wrote it, I pictured the song’s muse and I caught in a tense game of poker.”

A former model, Nadia’s creativity was fostered at a young age. She entered into a traveling youth choir and even joined the local circus to support her love of performing. Tragically, when Nadia was 17, she lost her mother, drastically altering her entire world. Nadia put music aside and turned to other outlets to manage the pain. She finally came back to music (lucky for us) and has kicked off this year in full force. Nadia now turns to songwriting as a way of allowing herself and encouraging others to heal.

You can stream Nadia Vaeh’s music on Spotify and keep up with her on Instagram

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