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Reema Releases her Cover of Sunny Afternoon

You’ve most likely heard “Sunny Afternoon” a classic song from The Kinks. Then, you have to listen to Reema‘s version of the song. Her rich voice, dreamy instruments and synths make the perfect blend to make us reflect about life and the world. Don’t limit yourself to Sunny Afternoon’s as the track is perfect for a rainy afternoon as well.

Originally from London but currently living in Berlin, Germany, where she has developed her minimalistic approach to songwriting and production. Before arriving to her current sound she experienced others from Punk to Synth Pop. This is a process that many of us have to go through in order to get to our next destination.

With a family background rich in musical heritage, as her mother worked alongside Brian Eno and Roxy Music, and having grown up around powerful female vocalists such as Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks, Reema was raised on a diverse array of great and inspiring music, both encapsulating her in a sort of a creative bubble while begging the question where she might eventually find her very own personal ‘space’ in this world.

We will look forward to what Reema has coming up in the future, and you should too by following her Instagram and Facebook. For now check out the beautifully arranged Sunny Afternoon bellow.


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