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The Matchstick Skeletons bring the fun with “Told Ya So”

Grab your leather jacket and hop in the convertible! We’re going to the bar!

So what if James Brown and Lemmy Kilmister had a love child (yes, I am aware of this being a little…unorthodox) and this child’s playmate was Jack White. Well, once you’ve wrapped your head around all that, the end result is┬áThe Matchstick Skeletons. In the track “Told Ya So” we have everything from funky lyrics to groovy guitars and fuzzy vocals. It is definitely once of those tracks that make you perk up if they happen to play on the jukebox.

“Told Ya So” also comes with a music video that looks just like the track sounds, with all the cliches we love. We get “driving the car” shots, we see “playing in a dark room” shots…. and we love it! Oh, ans skeletons in the back seat. A personal fav. The video is made for all those Tarantino and low budget gangster films fanatics out there.

Formed by singer/multi instrumentalist Neu Mannas and drummer Matty Carolei (both from Canada), they decided to lock themselves in a tiny dark room and become the band they always wanted to be. And so, The Matchstick Skeletons came to be!

“Told Ya So” is actually their first official single, so write down the name and keep your ears out for new music by them! Let’s watch this video right now!

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