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Thewaydown brings us “Sold On The Brink”

For the Nujabes fans, the chill-out electronic over anime lovers,  and for the dreamers.

When Outkast meets trip-hop and they chill out to make some Lo-Fi tunes, “Sold On The Brink” is what you get. Thewaydown has made a track that induces one to think. To enjoy the moment. And, to cap it off, the short verse and hook by Rob Sonic adds the gravitas and edge that makes this a track that your end up hitting the repeat button. Several times.

Despite “Sold On The Brink” being three and a half minutes long, it goes by fast, real fast. And I like to think that is a sign that you’ve stumbled onto something good; your brain is on it, demanding more. The track could easily be included in many of the very popular hip-hop/trip-hop/lo-fi mixes and playlists floating around, or be a soundtrack for one of those grown up cartoons such as AfroSamurai.

Check out the track here, and check it out yourself!

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