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Felix Räuber – “Every Motion”

Melancholic yet warming, balancing on the edge between yearning and dreaming.

The intro is super important in any track. It is the musical version of a first impression when meeting someone. It’ll shape how you perceive the rest of the track, even maybe the rest of the release. Let’s just say that Felix Räuber managed to give a good impression, and then some.

“Every Motion” is a track that, while having some clear influences from elements of dubstep and house and so on, took on to defy expectations. It starts of dreamy and distorted, good enough to be the soundtrack to one of these “post apocalyptic/everything has gone to hell” videogames. Then the track evolves, cleaning up the sound, entering the realm of electronic music, maintaining a slow tempo and growing heaver on the bass.  The track ends up between commercial sounds and and underground, dreamy trip-hoppy electronic vibe. And even though it is a full length track, it feels a little short, due to the fact of it layering up so discretely. Felix Räuber is a singer, composer and producer known as the frontman of the electropop band Polarkreis 18.

Shards of a battle of the sexes, depicted in electronic scraps of sound, are crafted meticulously using dominating beats and carried by the androgynous voice of Räuber.

Check out “Every Motion”, and find out for yourself!

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