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Watch ADULT.’s new video “Perversions of Humankind”

Detroit post-punk techno duo ADULT. shared a new video and announced the release date of their 7th full length album, This Behavior, that will be out on September 7th via Dais Records.

The single “Perversions of Humankind” is the first release off their upcoming album and maintains all the classic elements that had always set ADULT. apart from their peers: industrial dance synths, robot-like dark vocals, and pulsating melodies.

The video is weird (always in a good way), full of textures and different landscapes, water, open fields, and dark rooms with mirrors. It’s like a memory of a dream had after a psychedelic night. It was directed by Hazel Hill McCarthy and the art direction is by ADULT’s singer Nicola Kuperus.

Hit play and take a look into “Perversions of Humankind”!

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