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Basketball Girlfriend

That wizard school bullshit

We sold off tartan plaid years ago,

For millions, kept half but it’s all good

Four summers ago locked in sultry Boston, it was awesome

Now got all the string I want


So I went all out for the house,

Made them my little chamber orchestra

We were never that careful or close-

they just stared at my hollow bones.


Yes, groomed as Elton John,

for the Princeton set,

That’s three sets of tennis and two whole eight balls

We got it halfway between Springfield and Montpelier 2007,

wrong t shirt on, low battery.


Year later, dating the Sophia Loren of New Rochelle,

Felt incredible to be alive most of those afternoons

At night she’d run off kinda.


In the doctor’s office though,
Manhattan 2018, got too surgical,

So I drove 45 mins up north,

Smoked a bag of black and felt the vibe,

Put on some records shrouded in years (grand ol’ lucifer)


I bought the laser eyes for the forest,

felt like maybe I was the richest man in the world,

or MJ, rolling joints with bible paper.


Growing up was hard, sharing a phone

little bro wasn’t easy (storm of elephants)

So I’m in the gold hotel lobby

Instagramming, name dropping

Bluest $150 shoes you ever saw

Feeling like the Craiglist killer, it felt right


So back forward, she had water view,

Full bathroom, reggae music, simple body

But she needed a real guy I guess

Not a three way guy,
take a couple grams to your mom’s house,

Forced to shake buildings out my sleeve, like when I was a kid


So when old age agrees (you’ll know)

Remember laying pipe, wasn’t summer

Had about an ounce under my bed

Door beating down

Ripped at clothes and plastic bags

Hard as a pitchfork, teenage girls

It was ‘08, my first daiquiri in Martinique (manifest destiny)

I morphed into a monster,

Enduring morphine until my spine liquefied


But those months, caught in the old Ukraine

Ordered the top of menus, like you said

Had beautiful women (shock doctrine)

Under assignment, blank check black books

So of course they blew holes through our limos

Barely escaped Santorini with my life.


Now bad girls on ice cream patrol

Cops were a regular bother, grew about a inch,

It wasn’t spring yet, none of my friends shares needles yet,

Long Island was decaying (crumbling too)


Oh Jesus, why they kill the babies

In Guyana and across this planet

Intrusions all in our fabric (space/time stuff)


He just had a energy on him, been a while since I saw him

Had just lived six weeks at the Beverly Hilton,

Everyone had just showered,

Knew his dad had worked the Middle East,

We talked news and sports (mock executions)

So I started a lease (colder than a dome)

Bought three bags and a half of that chump

No rent no more


Just a vast green grass, as much ginger ale as I want

I didn’t want to die for the Canada Dry

End up like Vince Foster, kinda scary,

pocket full of pills, head full of wonder



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