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Milquetoast & Co is comfortable in its own musical skin

In case you are wondering, the name of the band  is pronounced “Milk toast and company”. It was formed several years ago and it all worked for a while until the different goals, dreams, and realities of its members led them to separate ways for...

Austin Sand Cruise

Austin Sands’ Solo Debut single

Today we have Too Much Love for the multifacetical, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Austin Sands. Perhaps best remembered as keyboardist and lead guitarist in the Billboard-lauded Electro-Rock outfit Metro Station, Austin finds himself once more immersed in the industry, this time taking on the currents by himself...

Aija Alsina

Aija Alsina brings us the “Morning Glow

Get ready for a trip down emotion lane. As the famous band Depeche Mode put it in their hit "Enjoy the Silence', sometimes words are unnecessary. And while Aija Alsina's track "Morning Glow" is anything but silent, listeners will understand the reference. "Morning Glow" is a...