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Cloud Solo releases double video Sunny, Funny / Cloudy, Pouty

Cloud Solo seems to have decided to pull all the stops with Sunny, Funny / Cloudy, Pouty. Also, the band presents a rather novel solution to the old dilemma of “So much to say, so little time”, by simply combining 2 songs and 2 videos into one long double piece, like 2 sides of the same coin. Overall, the message of the entire project is Mexico’s “unrequited love” with white America. The question being asked is why doesn’t America want Mexico? It is more than politics.

The first part, [Sunny, Funny] is, as the name might give away, more upbeat and dreamy.
The video takes place in Tijuana, where a young vagrant is aimlessly wandering around the streets when she notices a white American couple. She instantly thinks that the white girlfriend is the most beautiful thing ever to be seen and she stalks the couple around town. The young woman is delusional, and starts to place herself where the boyfriend of the couple would be. The couple, more importantly, the girl, never notices our protagonist. In the end they leave back to USA and reality hits hard.

This leads us to the second part of the video [Cloudy, Pouty] and the second song. Our homeless girl is walking (still delusional) towards the Mexico/US border, but cannot get to USA because she (the country)  doesn’t notice/want her.The video hits the topics of immigration, racism, gender inequality, sexuality, politics and the viewer may be left in their thoughts and feelings on these. However, there is a hint of a silver lining towards the end. We’ll leave that for you to find out and see, here at Too Much Love we can’t give away every single detail, we like to leave a little for you to find and figure out!

The short film (because that is what it is) was shot by Carlos Montes De Oca, that after living in Miami went back to his native country. A special mention has to said to the colors and amount of little details of the regular life things that can be seen in the video. The motions and colors also work very well to the songs it was tailored to portray.

Cloud Solo is a Miami trio consisting of Natalie a.k.a. Poodle and bassist Don Redfox. A drummer makes up for the three piece and the band has been very active in the South Florida music scene in the last year, playing all the well known venues and bars, as well as a few street fairs, events and other gigs and parties. Cloud Solo favors a raw and honest sound over fine productions, and their live sets reflect that characteristic. They play a medley of psych indie 90’s garage punk jazz-influenced rock with some beats on the side. We did not make this up, so check with the band if you have questions.

And now, without further ado! Cloud Solo!

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