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DYAN Cred Anastasia Velicescu

DYAN a Band of a Love Partner and an Ex…It Works!

You might say that every band have a story about them, and how they came to be. But definitely DYAN‘s story is one of the most interesting ones I’ve read in a long time. It all started when the film scoring duo of Alexis Marsh (singer/guitarist/bassist) and Sam Jones (guitarist/synths) fell in love and got married…and then, perhaps unexpectedly, got divorced. The real twist though was the addition of the third member: Dan Dorff Jr. (drums/synths), whom Alexis had started seeing in the meantime. If you think that being in a band with your significant other is hard… Try being in one with your ex and your current partner. All jokes aside DYAN manages to create beautiful music nonetheless. Perhaps is their relationships that catalyst the music, or perhaps it is simpler than what it seems.

 “Absence is about leaving, but not before inquiring about doubt,” she continues “it could be about being in love with a person whose loyalty is to someone or something else, realizing it, and then you move on. Or holding on to what you want to hold on to, even if it’s painful.” – Alexis Marsh

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Bonus track: listen to their previous release “Looking For Knives” now your are on DYAN’s groove.

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