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FYE & FENNEK Share Their Singles “Clouds” and “Miles Davis”

Germans FYE & FENNEK have been coming out with a stream of great singles and videos lately. “Home is not a location; it’s a deep feeling of understanding and acceptance within oneself.” They said with the release of “Places,” then they share out favorite track from them till date “Clouds” a sensual track that is “a lot about sexual attraction, or being caged by the thought of someone. But at the same time, these thoughts are like clouds- unclear and changing as quickly as they arise,” in their own words.

Their latest single shares the name of the legendary Jazz player Miles Davis. “Miles Davis” (the track) has a beat that moves towards you and away like a tide, a more cautious and somewhat disillusioned start accentuated by a vocal that has a reserved introduction before it finally breaks out.

They have announce an album that we are very excited about, coming August 31st. Hopefully we can get an inside to their personalities as well, I would like to know more about them as individuals and their motivations.

For now check them on Instagram and Facebook, and check out their tracks bellow!





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