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Ideomotor – interference

Good grief! I do believe we’ve stumbled onto an interesting track here, Johnny!

The first thing Ideomotor did right was choosing that name. Just throwing my opinion out there, but hey, I like the name! So when the track called “Interference” popped up on my radar, I was on it like a hungry child is on to the smell of cooking food.

“Interference” is that kind of trip-hop that takes you away gently, lulls you into a false sense of security then takes you for a real head trip. The track has a groovy, repeptitive baseline comon to those 90’s trip-hop from the UK, but the the vocal styles, synths and samples are more modern, with less boundaries. The vocals, especially, drops that urban influence that early trip-hop had, and embrace a more moral/question reality style.

“We didn’t want it to sound organic or humane. We didn’t want it to sound up-close personal. We wanted it to sound more alienated – like it would have lost it’s persona and emotional core – like it would be driven only by it’s own urge – it’s own needs..” 

The video for “Interference” was directed by Jani Karlsson, and features a serious mix-up/cut-up of beginning of the century clips, from all over the world. Over these clips are a series of 21st century iconography, including the male and female figures usually found on restroom signs.

Ideomotor is an electropop/indietronica duo formed in 2014 hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Kimmo Myllyviita and Erkka Wennonen are both devoted music enthusiasts who want to share their wide spread musical interests with their audience. For them, Ideomotor is a musical catalyst – an exploration, an adventure, an alchemistic laboratory processing their own favorites. In close collaboration with producer Sami Baldauf they have set their aims in pushing the boundaries of genres – combining inspirations and influences from wide range of musical traditions – from rock, pop, indie & electronic music.

Now, check for yourself and see if I’m onto something, ’cause I think I am!

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