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Jesse Jo Stark is back with her new single “Mystery”

Jesse Jo Stark is back! This time she shares her softer side with us (in the same vein of one of her early singles “Dandelion”). What we love so much about her artistry is her versatility and how we are always on our toes to see which side of JJS we are gonna get. Is it gonna be the harder side of Jesse singing and screaming about love, death, and empowerment? Or the more sensitive side of her where her vulnerability comes pouring out. She clearly translate these two sides in her live show as well:

“When I’m performing, I love to go slow, but I can’t leave without thrashing. I have to get dirty. I’m like that in my life. People don’t see it unless they know me. Performance is a vehicle.”

Jesse’s love for classic horror is undeniable you just have to watch one single music video or go to her Instagram to see how much she likes Frankenstein Monster, his bride, and halloween in general. And her fans are appreciating that she is open about herself.

“I love that I’m starting to see this family of weirdos come out. I don’t have a crew of friends that vibes with that, but I get to share this obsession with fans. When something doesn’t feel real, I gravitate towards it. The more fucked up, the better. I always wonder, ‘Are we going to party at the cemetery when we die?’ That’s where I want to be.”

Jesse will be touring the UK with Sunflower Bean starting tomorrow, if you are in the UK you have to go see her dates here! If not listen to “Mystery” bellow and follow her on Instagram.


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