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Julius Abel brings us the deep house beats with “Syndrome”

Syndrome is heavy enough to keep us grooving to it, and melodic enough to make us want more.

Julius Abel generously lays down the grooves with his latest release Syndrome. The track is one half of a two track EP called Stockholm/Syndrome. The track we’re featuring here, the second half, is considerably darker, with a harder beat.

Regardless of the comparison between the two tracks, Syndrome is the kind of electronic music that is good for both day and night, lounges or dance floors. Groovy deep house beats with dreamy melodies floating over them, all accentuating the female vocals when they pop in a couple of minutes into the track. If you’re down to dance to or maybe spin some Boris Brejcha or some Stephan Bodzin, you’ll love Julius Abel’s new work. I know that here in Miami, were the Too Much Love offices are located, the track will have a good reception (to say the least).

Stockholm/Syndrome¬†is just the latest effort of a career that begun in 2012. Austrian musician and producer Julius Abel has released music on EGO Italy (arguably one of Italy’s biggest electronic labels) and the electronic music behemoth that is Armada Music. Now he has begun an event brand named Kain & Abel, and is getting ready to present the new EP to the world.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Crank those speakers or headphones loud, and let’s listen to Julius Abel’s “Syndrome”. Also, if you dig what you hear,¬† hit that “Follow” button! Contrary to social media, hits on Spotify do actually give some money to the artist!

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