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Scaphoid – “Macroburst”

Just as the track’s name “Macroburst” might suggest, this is an intelligent song. An interesting and mind wandering musical trip, all acoustic. Described as “Ambient progressive instrumental rock” I personally feel it reminds me a lot of the new wave of Djent or jazz infused instrumental rock and metal that  has been taking over the serious musical heads by storm the last couple of years. I’m thinking bands such as Animals As Leaders or The Fine Constant. Scaphoid is not as fast paced or technical and the lead guitars are a little more melodic, but overall it fits nicely in the category.

\Welcome to the land of serious music composing, baby!

Scaphoid are from Temple, Arizona, and have recently released a three track EP named Dies Mercurii out of which one of the tracks is “Macroburst”. The band plans to release a full LP somewhere in 2017 so stay tuned and lets hope to see them on tour in our area soon!

Give it a listen and show some love!

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