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Sedric Perry Shares his new song “Naked”

Moving from NYC to LA to Berlin was the steps that Sedric Perry needed in order to focus completely in his music. He has adapted well to his life in Germany, constantly creating, being on sessions, collaborating with other artists, and working with the label Filter Music Group. His new single “Naked” is the perfect example of this.

“Having consistent Berlin sessions has really opened up my style- I’m blending more house with hip hop and pop now, where before I feel like I leaned more towards pure soul/RnB. I’m definitely enjoying being influenced by Berlin culture.” – Sedric Perry

“Naked” is about two people in a club and that instant urge and deep connection that leaves the small talk behind and brings the carnal satisfaction to the very front. Sedric has always have a love for the visual arts, he collaborated with photographer Agatha Powa to create a series of photos of him Naked (no-frontal nudity) in a beautiful lake in Germany, called Alt-Tegel Lake.

We are excited to know what is coming next for Sedric, we heard that he is getting some new singles ready so hopefully our wait won’t be that long.

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