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Sloane Talks To His Future Self In Emotive Anthem, ‘Grow Up’ ft. Paul McDonald

“Rewind, it’s only gonna last for a moment.” Sloane, Grow up ft. Paul McDonald

Some say that in the present, we wear a blindfold. Mesh and barely transparent, our reality is skewed by a dark fabric cross hatching our vision: it is only when we slide off the blindfold that we can look back and see things as they were. Sloane’s latest release, ‘Grow Up’ featuring Paul McDonald reminds us that in the future, things may finally make sense.

As if darkness were meant to brew and uplift, this anthemic pop song brings driving emotion to the forefront resulting in a healing, connective experience. The synth-keys begin the track, rolling steady underneath Paul’s cautious yet firm voice. Confusion turns to power as the chorus stomps in, chanting a battle cry: before you know it you’re already singing along.

“We’re living in hard times, but don’t let them break your heart….” – Sloane, Grow Up ft. Paul McDonald

Experimental pop producer Sloane is based in the heart of Los Angeles, yet only few know who he really is. Concealing his identity behind a pastel, pixelated mask, Sloane would rather the music just speak for itself. This multi-talented musician creates ‘music to cry to while you smile,’ and aims to connect with other hearts out there who feel their strings being tugged by everyday sorrow. As we all strive to understand our own feelings, Sloane reminds us that it’s okay not to be okay.

You can catch the composer live at the Hotel Cafe on July 10th. Until then, peep his personal revolution and debut release, ‘Old Hands New Face‘ and keep up with Sloane on Instagram.


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