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SLOANE’s ‘Old Hands New Face’ Is The Personal Revolution We Can All Relate To

Last Friday, a brand new artist debuted we’re all feeling his movement. Sloane is an experimental pop producer from LA who makes music to cry to while you smile. Sloane’s first single ‘Old Hands New Face’ is a moving, passionate anthem of the impending changes we all go through. He keeps his face hidden behind a mask, making the listener feel like Sloane could be anyone – even themselves.

The song opens with soft drums and vocals that echo and delay, almost like a heartbeat. The lyrics are engaging from the start and the chorus comes in quick; just like change. It’s infectiously heartfelt, and the more the chorus plays throughout the song the more it becomes a personal anthem for the listener. Featuring his own vocals, Sloane sings about the transformations we go through and how they can blind us to both the past and the present.

‘I can’t see you, I don’t see you, cause I’m changing’

Sloane is an emotive songwriter and producer who keeps hidden behind a pixelated mask.  Former music director for artists like Bruno Mars, Pharrell, Slash, and more, Sloane debuted his first single last Friday which is currently circulating on over 25 playlists and tracked over 14k streams. Revealing subjects about the essence of human emotion, Sloane’s music speaks for itself.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Sloane. Look out for the music video to ‘Old Hands New Face’ this Friday, and keep up with Sloane on Instagram.

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