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Steve Davit is moving us with “Forward”

Steve Davit is showing some serious groove with “Forward” his debut single. The track is instrumental, but the sax more than makes up for any vocals that any of you out there might think are “necessary”.

“Forwards”  has that vibe that you only seem to find in NYC subway musicians at 1am; That special something of the jazz club you can only seem to find when you’ve had a couple too many to drink; That really cool moment in an old school Disney movie, when all the cool cats are together.

Steve Davit has been making a name for himself touring all over the world as the sax player for the R&B duo Marian Hill, but this track shows that he has a strong hand in the producing and mixing area also.

The track mixes groovy hip-hop style beats with jazz elements over the top, creating a wholesome, enveloping sound that kinda makes you want to be able to dance and rap at the same time. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

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