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The Sweet Kill presents 2 new singles: “One Love” & “Fuck Love”!

The Sweet Kill is ambitiously stepping up their game in 2019, with the double release of the singles “One Love” and “Fuck Love” out today, for Valentine’s Day. Both tracks cover the topic of love, but in very different ways, musically going in very different directions and showcasing the producing chops of band mastermind Pete Mills. Prior to the conception of The Sweet Kill, Mills has had an extensive career in the music industry, signing with Nikki Sixx’s label for a period with his former band Flash Bastard.

“One Love” takes influences from Latin rhythms and tunes, with acoustic guitars and slow lyrics designed to get the listeners dancing.

“Overcoming one’s hatred of relationships by finding the “one” that makes sense of the suffering. Through the fickleness and flailing of love, this rapport is a luxury involving mutual inclusivity through a commitment to the unconditional. A new salvation and respite from the childish battle of the sexes, overcoming jealousy and other justified negative emotions. Inclusively loving to all rather than the exclusive confine of a societal norm or religious construct.” 
Listen to ONE LOVE  here:

“Fuck Love” touches the other side of these emotions, with the music being much more upbeat and party friendly. It is not a dark song at all, instead urging the listener not to fall into the pit trap of “love is necessary to be happy”, and making people jump up and down and celebrate.

“The start of a relationship feels so good but when the milk goes sour you keep drinking it, hoping it’ll taste like it once did. There’s always a sob story, lovers hang onto perpetuating the pain, which defines future relationships. Clichés describing falling in love are turned upside down showing the perils that follow. This song screams for the very thing it opposes, actual unconditional love not infatuated obsession.”
Listen to FUCK LOVE  here:

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