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time to get dark and weird with Onirologia’s new track “I Crawl, You Beckon”

Hard techno meets black metal meets audio art. This will take you on a trip without leaving your chair.

Sweet mother of all things that lurk in corners! What do we have here? Ok, so if first impressions is what counts, this track is like…. If Gollum (from LOTR) decided to throw a techno rave in his cave. On psychedelics. It is awesome. Onirologia set out to create something intense and succeeded epically.

Essentially “I Crawl, You Beckon” is a somewhat progressive, fast beat dark techno track, with black metal style vocals layered over. This track would fit as easily in a metal festival as it would at a psytrance party. And by that I mean it would freak out everyone in both events. (Insert smiley face).

Onirologia is a musician and multimedia artist based mostly  in Richmond, VA and Sarasota, FL. Check out more music here. In an age were electronic influences are meeting metal ones (see Perturbator, Gost or Carpenter Brut) the results tend to be more epic and grandiose, but “I Crawl, You Beckon” would (maybe, probably) make the church-burning black metalers proud.  No compromise with the sound.

Ok, enough comparisons. Play the track and see if you like this as much as I do. And remember to praise Satan while on party drugs!

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