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Rubio-MG by Grabriel Schkolnik

Now Playing: Rubio – Mango Negro

After two years of hard work in the studio, Chilean singer and composer Rubio shared an explosive sophomore record Mango Negro, a little bit over a month ago. The tracks included in the album have been on rotation on our radio show since the beginning of the year, and we are pleased to share her full record with you today. 

While songs like the trap-influenced  ‘Oro’ feel like they should be blasted at a rave, nothing can escape Rubio‘s depth. Accompanied by a psychedelic music video, a collaborative production with Blahblahblasfemia, the track and visuals encompass Rubios expansive vision and existential commentary. The artist explains the second single on the LP: “The track explores the search must be within oneself, not outside in the material world. Disposable happiness leads us to forget about the importance of that beautiful internal light that we all have.” 

From the melancholy musings of the track “Nudo” to the electro-trappings of  La Especie, the LP unites the many faces of Rubios artistic identity.

“When we started working on this album, I imagined myself emerging from the water ready for a journey. Naturally, I was confronted with the mundanities of life, existentialism, sorrows, and, of course, death. Mango Negro reflects on experiences throughout this journey called life, and on the importance of treasuring our present.” – Rubio

Watch the view for “Nudo” and stream the full album below!


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